​​CCC provides multiple weekly group hours for both days and evenings including Saturday (In our Mission Office).

CCC is an approved provider by the State of Kansas, Johnson and Wyandotte County Court Systems specializing in SB6, (3rd DUI's) offenders, Diversion / Monitoring and SB123 (Felony Drug Offenders)

Chautauqua provides substance abuse treatment services for adults and families.  Counselors develop an Individualized treatment plan and process for each client concentrating on the person's strengths, needs and personal goals. Effective treatment must address all of these domains, recognize the need for utilizing and expanding the existing resources and support systems the client brings to the treatment process.

Chautauqua Counseling Center believes substance abuse / dependence affects the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health of the individual, his or her family, friends and the community he or she participates in.  As a community based program our focus is to remove financial barriers for clients to access treatment.

​Chautauqua provides substance abuse treatment services for adults and families.  Counselors develop an Individualized treatment plan and process for each client concentrating on the person's strengths, needs and personal goals.

Client:  "I came to Chautauqua not caring about my life but as I came into group I found a familiarity and a new home because I knew that my addiction was bad.  Working with Chautauqua helped me learn how to fight my addiction and find my true self."

Client: "This is such a safe and comfortable place to "just be you." I've been learning practical tools and to put them into practice daily.  I also love how much I'm able to draw upon the experiences of others in group."

Client:  "My experience at Chautauqua has been so helpful, especially since I'm on Probation. I learned how to deal with my stress and pain in non-harmful effective ways.  The things I learned here help me in my everyday life outside of the issues and pressure of staying sober.  Chautauqua is providing me with blessings I didn't even ask for."

Client:  "Chautauqua has helped me open a new door to success for the best and helped me shut an old door.  They gave me the tools to keep it shut successfully.  The people here care about you with their whole heart.

Case Manager:  Chautauqua provides groups and Individual Sessions. They meet each person where they are and encourage each client  to be involved with their own recovery.  Their recovery plan is tailor made to each person, definitely not a “cookie cutter” program!  The counselors also work with the clients to help them with their whole self.  If the client needs help with a resume, health issues, mental health, literacy, etc. the counselors at Chautauqua will help and guide the clients and help them find resources.   The groups are guided by qualified licensed instructors and they really engage each person to participate and give their own input on different topics and allow  each person to discover themselves and  what their own needs really are.   I have so many clients that have completed treatment with Chautauqua and have thrived and continue to thrive.  The individuals that complete treatment at Chautauqua gain more than sobriety, they grow as a person and feel a self-worth and capability and confidence that they did not feel before.   They have been given the “tools” that they need to live a productive, sober, and serene life, a life that they have always wanted. ​

Parole Officer:  The Chautauqua Counseling Center is a wonderful, community-based program that offers substance abuse counseling services to individuals requiring various levels of outpatient treatment. They have been a tremendous community partner for the KDOC in general and parole services and the offenders we supervise in particular. The Chautauqua Counseling Center employs dedicated staff that works tirelessly to aid the sobriety maintenance efforts of their constituents. We appreciate their efforts and fully endorse their positive contributions to the community.  

Probation Officer
:  Chautauqua Counseling Center is a wonderful place for recovery and support. Not only do the counselors show understanding and compassion they truly care about each and every client I send them. I know that the clients I send can start out as a challenge to put it mildly but the Chautauqua Counselors seem to be able to hear the issues each person is facing and do everything they can to lead them on a path to a better more productive and substance abuse free lifestyle. It makes a huge difference when our clients have someone that honestly cares about them.  I am confident that each person I refer to Chautauqua will get that level of care. As a supervision officer trying to supervise a full caseload can be a challenge but Chautauqua makes the job that much easier.


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